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Home Care Program Details


We at Wolverton Homes are just as excited as you are for you to be in your new home.  That is why we are introducing our “New Homeowner Home Care Program”.  We hope that our newly revamped program will ease any concerns that may arise upon move-in and allow you to focus on enjoying your new home.

NEW HOME ORIENTATION: Prior to closing on your new home we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of your new home. Before you move into your home, a thorough inspection will be done to ensure that your home meets all city codes as well as our own high standards of excellence.  This inspection will be done with you and the Wolverton Homes Buyer Liaison.  During this time they will meet with you and show you all the details of your new home.  Please take advantage of this time to ask any questions you may have so that you are comfortable with your purchase prior to closing.

60-DAY CHECK-IN: A new home is a work in progress throughout its lifetime.  We understand that there may have been things that you overlooked during your orientation through your excitement so while you are waiting for your 60 Day check in please start a list on Page 18 of this book of items you would like us to address at your 60 Day Check In. Please contact us to schedule your “60 day Check In” appointment   we will send a representative to meet with you at your home.  Please take this time to discuss with us anything that may have become a concern during your first 60 days. 

 ONE-YEAR HOME CARE REVIEW: Before the end of your first year in your new home, please call to set up a one year Home Care check to address any final issues or questions you may have with your new home.  While you are waiting for your 1 Year Check In please start a list on Page 19 of this book of items you would like us to address at your appointment. At this time we can take care of any concerns that you may have before your Home Care enrollment ends. 

We hope this new system will simplify the process and allow you to enjoy living in your new home rather than concerning yourself with the little stuff.  Of course, we know that some things can’t wait. If you have an emergency please contact our office so we can make sure you are taken care of. Home Care requests must be submitted in writing, and the best way to submit a Home Care request is through our web site ( Include your name, address, email address and a day and evening phone number. In the event of an emergency, please do not hesitate to call our office.


From everyone at Wolverton Homes, we want to wish you many trouble-free years in your new home.

This document explains the One-Year Home Care Program for Wolverton Homes residential homes. Please read the following statements carefully. 

The Builder does, for a period of one year from the date of closing; warrant all materials, and workmanship used in and on the residence. The builder will repair or replace at the builder’s discretion any latent defects in material or workmanship by the building codes and standards of construction relevant in the State of Idaho. A latent defect is defined as, one which is not apparent or ascertainable at the time of occupancy. The buyer agrees to accept a reasonable match in any repair or replacement in the event that original item is no longer available.

The Builder further warrants for all materials and workmanship meet all applicable building codes in effect at the date of closing and will be completed to meet Industry standards.

The Builder reserves the right to refuse service and dismiss the Home Care request if our employees or contractors are met with any disrespect or aggression.

This limited program does not apply to the following items:

1. Damages resulting from fires, floods, storms, electrical malfunctions, winds, accidents, or acts of God.

2. Damages from alterations, misuse, abuse, or normal wear.

3. Damages resulting from the buyer’s failure to observe any operating instructions, literature, or warnings.

4. Damage resulting from malfunction of equipment or line to and from the telephone, gas, power, water, or any other utility companies.

In your new home you will find manuals that apply to the appliances and equipment installed in the home including: heating and cooling system, light fixtures, jetted tubs, garage doors, garage door openers, gas fireplaces, smoke detectors, alarm systems, doors, timed sprinkler systems, any landscape vegetation or greenery. The warranties on said items are those of the manufacture, and or the private installer, and are not a part of the Home Care Program provided by the builder.


Appliances will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and can be handled directly through the manufacturer. The Builder’s Home Care Program does not cover any appliances from any retailer. If any problem should arise, please contact Pro-Tech at 208-733-9278 and they will help you solve the problem through the manufacturer.


The builder does not provide coverage against basements flooding.  Flooding is an act of God, and although the basement foundation has been built to city code requirements there is no guarantee that a basement will not flood.  Occasionally, a foundation crack may appear in the foundation walls due to the ground adjusting and creating pressure on the walls.  These cracks are unforeseen and unavoidable due to the nature of the fluctuating earth and are not covered by the Builder’s Home Care Program.  Flooding can be caused by over watering your yard, grading issues, rain, melted snow, broken or miss-angled sprinkler heads, etc.  All of these items are out of the builder’s control.  The homeowner is advised to be mindful of any water issues around the foundation of the home. The Builder’s Home Care Program does not cover any damages caused from sprinklers, gutters or snow.


Caulking the interior and exterior is considered a Buyer maintenance item and is not covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. Any damage from water, moisture seepage or other similar issues is the responsibility of the Buyer.

 Concrete and Flatwork

Concrete is a rigid product that will crack. To allow for the expansion and contraction of the flatwork product, the Builder has included relief cuts and expansion joints, creating weak points that allow the product to crack in these locations.  However, cracks can and sometimes will appear outside of those locations. Expansion joints are not installed in the foundation footings or walls. Though the Builder warrants the structural integrity of the concrete, cracking is not covered.  The Builder warrants that all flatwork is supported by a minimum of 4″ compacted gravel. If major cracking occurs (i.e., cracks opening up wider than 1/4″ in the first year) and if the cause is determined to be in compacted trenches, fill, or poor concrete mix, the Builder will replace the deteriorated section only. The color of the concrete will vary due to variables beyond the Builder’s control and will not be covered by the Builder’s Home Care Program.  Using salt or other ice melt products deteriorates the top layer of concrete.  The deterioration caused by the use of these products is not covered under  Home Care.  Stamped and colored concrete is more susceptible to deterioration and must be sealed annually to maintain the color and to avoid deterioration and chipping of the top layer of concrete.  Frost heave is when a square of concrete lifts up during winter.  This is caused by moisture from snow, rain, sprinklers, etc getting under the concrete pad and freezing.  When the water freezes it expands and lifts the concrete pad.  As temperatures warm up the ice will melt and the concrete pad should return to its normal position.  Frost heave is an unavoidable circumstance and is not covered by Home Care.  The Builder’s Home Care Program does not cover any concrete damages caused from the following: not having rain gutters, ice melts, sprinklers, stamps or treatment done after closing. The Builder recommends that the buyer seal all flatwork concrete to help preserve it. The Builder’s Home Care program does not include concrete after the first winter. The city uses ice melts that cause deterioration and damage that we cannot prevent.

Cosmetic Items

The Builder is not contracted to cover ordinary day-to-day wear and tear or other occurrences subsequent to construction that will affect the condition of the features of the home. Chips, scratches, or marks in the tile, woodwork, walls, porcelain fixture, brick, stone, marble, granite, Formica, windows, carpet, vinyl, cabinets, trim, doors and the like, that are not noted and recognized on the walk-through prior to closing, are non-warrantable conditions and the upkeep of any cosmetic aspect of the house is the owner’s responsibility.


The Builder is required to grade to a minimum slope (grade) away from the home of 5% in the first 10′-0″ (or 6″ drop). When there is less than 10′-0″, it will still remain at the 5% minimum slope.   The Builder will then grade the lot to allow water to drain as directed by city code, typically to the city outlined retention areas. These criteria will be met within the limits of practicality. Lot configurations sometimes make drainage requirements impractical.

When this happens, the controlling building authority can accept the drainage by issuing a Certification of Compliance (C of C). Wolverton Homes accepts no responsibility for damage due to the Buyer changing/altering the approved grading/drainage.

Refer to Sprinkler System Guidelines for more information.


Sheetrock and drywall will sometimes develop settlement cracks. These cracks are a normal part of the home settlement process. These cracks are only aesthetic and are not structural. They can easily be remedied with a small amount of latex caulking during the life of the home.  For your convenience, touch-up paint has been provided in your touch up kit. 

Note: Occasionally a problem called “truss lift” occurs, causing a slight buckling of the ceiling drywall during cold weather. Truss lift lasting more than one winter may be a permanent feature of the truss design (vaulted ceilings are more susceptible to this). Keep in mind that texture can appear inconsistent.


All fixtures will be covered to the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty or for a minimum of one year. Any static electric issues are not covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program due to this being out of the builder’s control in addition to any altering made to the electrical outlets.


The Builder does not warrant the condition of the lot. Without engineering studies to determine the bearing load capacities of soil, it is impossible to determine what loads can be put upon the soil without settling occurring. All foundations and flatwork are designed around an average bearing capacity of 1,500 pounds per square foot of soil. If settling does occur, it can typically cause cracks in the foundation, driveway, flatwork, and interior drywall. The Home Care Program regarding these effects is explained in this document under the headings Concrete, Drywall, and Water and Sewer Line Extensions.


The Builder’s Home Care Program does not apply to any damages on existing fencing that was not installed by the Builder.


All fireplaces are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. In the event that a fireplace causes smoke damage to the inside of your home, and if the fireplace is found to be at fault, then it will be the responsibility of the Builder to make the necessary repairs. If no problems are found with the fireplace or the installation, it will be deemed the responsibility of the Homeowner.

Note: Smoking fireplaces are caused by four main reasons:

1) At start-up, a heavy column of cold air is in the flue.  A substantial amount of combustion to generate heat is required to push the cold air up and out. Without this combustion, smoke is pushed back into the home by the column of cold air moving downward.

2) Because homes today are built so tight, if the furnace is running while the fireplace is burning—and if the flue is not completely open and the fireplace doors are not shut tight—the return air vents may pull smoke into the house. Unfortunately, this can happen so gradually that it may not be noticed right away.

3) Burning various types of wood can cause smoking. Also, different types of manufactured logs create quite a bit of smoke and can leave smoke residue on walls.

4) The height of the fireplace chase can cause smoking. The Builder ensures that the fireplace will be installed according to the manufacturer’s requirements and building codes. However, atmospheric conditions can prevent a fireplace from drafting properly. When this happens, the chase height needs to be extended. This condition is unforeseeable, but should it happen, the Builder will modify the fireplace chase in order to get it to draft properly. The Builder will not cover damages caused by smoke, since this condition is impossible to anticipate.

Floor Covering

All defects in materials (carpet, vinyl, tile, marble, laminates, and wood flooring) are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  The Home Care Program will assist with any problems dealing with improper installation for one year. Any issues caused by the buyer including: water damage and chipped flooring, from dropping items, are not covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. In addition, please keep in mind the proper caring for your flooring. Certain flooring, such as laminate, cannot be cleaned with a wet mop or water and is not covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. If you have any questions regarding your floors maintenance please let us know.

Note: Carpets, depending on style and cut, will show seams. So this is not a warrantable item.

Floor squeaks

Generally, floor squeaks will appear and will disappear over time with the changes of outdoor temperature, humidity and other weather phenomenon.


The Builder ensures that all materials used in construction will meet current building standards set forth by FHA/VA, as well as city and county regulatory agencies. All beams are sized to meet loading conditions set forth by regulatory agencies.  The Builder also gaurantees against any structural defects or problems that are the result of poor structural integrity for up to one year. This does not include the following: sheetrock cracks, floor squeaks, grout cracks, mortar cracks, and cracks caused by the natural movement of materials used in construction. This does not include warped wood, unless it creates a structural deficiency, which will be determined by the Builder on a case-by-case basis.

Note: In the event that minor touch-up paint is required on interior or exterior walls in order to complete repairs, a slight color variation may exist due to the aging of the existing paint. The Builder will match the existing color as close as possible, using the same brand and color mix that was originally used, but cannot guarantee a perfect match.


Any broken or chipped glass or mirrors that are not noted by the Buyer on the final walk through before closing are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Grading To Code

High and low areas in the lot will only be changed to meet local building authority grading requirements. Upon closing/recording, the soil conditions are final. Weather and weeds will quickly deteriorate these areas and will not be covered by the Builder or the Builder’s Home Care Program beyond 30 days after closing.  Wolverton Homes accepts no responsibility for damage due to the Buyer changing/altering the approved grading/drainage. Refer to Sprinkler System Guidelines for more information.

Grout and Tile Work

The Home Care Program will assist with grout issues for a period of one year with the exception of settlement cracking. The Builder does not make any claims regarding the responsibility for damage created by water seepage through grout cracks. It should also be understood that water will percolate through the grout naturally. Therefore, keep all wall surfaces in the tub and shower areas as dry as possible. Squeegee down shower tile after every shower. It is also recommended that the homeowner properly maintains their tile and grout by sealing it as needed, throughout the year.   Sanded Caulk is provided at closing for Buyer to maintain settlement cracks.

Note: It will be the responsibility of the owner to keep leftover pieces of vinyl, carpet and tiles so that if any repairs are necessary, the dye lot can be matched.

Heating and Air Conditioning

All heating and air conditioning units will be covered by their manufacturer’s warranty (5 years, parts).

Note: On very hot days, air conditioning may not completely cool a house to the set temperature. This happens because the air conditioning system is designed to make an air temperature change of only 20 degrees from the outside temperature.  Dirty furnace filters can cause many heating and air conditioning problems and can void a manufacturer’s warranty. For your own protection, keep your furnace filters clean or replace them regularly (every 30 days during construction and every 60 days to 6 months as necessary thereafter). The Builder’s Home Care Program will be void in any damage resulted to the filter not being changed.


The home is insulated as per specifications and local codes.


Sod, shrubs, and trees are installed alive and healthy. Buyers will verify this to be so. Written notification of dead or unhealthy planting within 30 days of installation is covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. Lack of notification is considered owner acceptance. Dead sod, shrubs, or trees caused by over watering by the Buyer is not covered by the Builder’s Home Care Program.  The Home Care Program applies to all items that the Buyer has properly cared for, attended to, and maintained on the property for the best results. After the time of closing, the buyer is responsible for maintaining their yard before and after the completion of the landscaping. This includes any weeds or rubbish on the property. When the sod is installed, you will need to stay off of it for 2-3 weeks while the roots grow and adhere to the ground. The landscaper will set the sprinkler timer settings for the new sod. Do NOT adjust anything! If the timer gets adjusted before 30 days, it will void your Home Care Program in regards to sod.


Builder-supplied lighting is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Lighting supplied by the Buyer falls under the manufacturer’s warranty and is the responsibility of the Buyer. Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans can wobble. The Builder does not balance ceiling fans. Even though balancing kits are included, the time involved in dynamically balancing a fan is cost prohibitive. Therefore, the balancing of the fan will be the responsibility of the Buyer.  Light Bulbs – The Builder does not warrant the longevity of light bulbs, except when we have supplied either recessed can lighting or fluorescent lighting, in which case the bulbs should last a minimum of 90 days. The Builder’s Home Care Program does not apply to any Close Out or Clearance lighting.


Maintenance, though important to the lasting condition of a home, is not covered under the One-Year Home Care Program. The Buyer is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the home.


Buyer hereby understands that mold and/or other microorganisms may exist at the Property. Upon closing BUYER acknowledges and agrees to accept full responsibility and risk for any matter that may result from mold and/or other microorganisms and to hold the SELLER harmless from any liability or damages (financial or otherwise) relating to such matter.


Exterior paint is covered under the Home Care Program for one year against flaking, peeling, severe discoloration, and severe fading unless the condition is caused by water damage from sprinklers. Interior finishes should have a washable surface for one year. Deterioration of all lacquers on woodwork is covered for up to one year, except in the event of water damage. On wood backsplashes, the Buyer is responsible for maintaining a good caulking seal to prevent moisture from entering the wood. Should this seal be broken, any deterioration and discoloration will be the responsibility of the owner. Damage (i.e., nicks around drains or the perimeter of the sink) to the painting of the home during or after move-in is the responsibility of the owner.

Note: BLACK SOOT DEPOSITION (BSD) is NOT covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. This can be noticed from dark shading on the walls and ceilings where studs and or trusses are placed, darkened areas around heat vents, and/or under closed doorways in the carpet. This is caused by combustion inside the home by the occupant; it is most commonly known to be the result of burning candle(s). For more information on this, call Builder or Disaster Cleanup. The Builder’s Home Care Program does not cover any accent walls painted by the homeowner.


All fixtures (sinks, faucets, toilets, shower pans, tubs, water heaters, sill cocks) will be covered to the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty or for a minimum of one year. All water systems: supply, drains, and vents are covered against leaks and breakage for one year. Frozen pipes are not covered under Home Care so therefore, the Buyer must take precautions to prevent the freezing of the pipes and exterior hose faucets during cold weather such as: disconnecting the hose from the faucet prior to a freeze, leaving faucets with a single drip, and turning off the water system if the house is to be left for extended periods during cold weather. Dripping faucets, toilet adjustments, and toilet seats are covered by the Builder’s Home Care Program for a period of 90 days only. After that they are the Buyer’s responsibility.


All roofing materials (shingles, shakes, and tile) are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The home should not have any leaks caused by improper installation, flashing, or sealant for one year. Excessive wind/weather damage or acts of God are not covered under the Builder’s Home Care Program. Consult your homeowner’s insurance for this coverage.


Siding issues that arise from installation issues can be addressed through the Home Care Program.  The homeowner must annually inspect and renew all sealant and immediately repair any water penetration issues, maintain gutters and downspouts to avoid water cascading down wall’s, ensure lawn sprinkler patterns are directed away from structures, and follow paint manufacturer’s recommendations for repainting and paint maintenance.  Should any of these four items occur it will void the Builder’s Home Care coverage on installation.


Skylights have been installed to manufacturers specs and any leaks wil be handled according to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Sprinkler System

The Builder ensures the coverage of heads and improper installation of the sprinkler system. The Buyer is responsible for all maintenance of the system. This includes blow-outs, clogged heads, and proper setting of the clock/timer to avoid damage. The sprinkler heads are adjusted at the time of installation, any adjustments that are needed after that is considered homeowner maintenance. The Buyer holds complete responsibility for keeping the timer set constantly so as to avoid over watering and causing damage to his property and any neighboring property.

Note: Watering the property with sprinklers more than 2 times a day for longer 20 minutes per station is considered over watering.  This may lead to many problems that are not covered by the Builder. Please keep in mind to only water on your watering days according to the City’s schedule.

Stained Wood

All items that are stained will normally have variations of color because of different textures and grains in the woods used; Because of weather changes, doors that have panels will sometimes dry out and leave a small space of bare wood. These are normal conditions and shall not be considered a warrantable item.


Stucco will crack naturally. The Home Care Program may address surface cracks opening up 1/8″ or more for a period of one year. The Buyer will maintain the caulking of the stucco to windows, siding, soffits, or other abutting materials.


The Builder requires the Buyer to fully inspect all vinyl areas for any defects prior to occupancy. To be valid, any requests against faulty vinyl, tears, gouges, and scratches must be reported prior to occupancy. All areas of caulking seams or edges of vinyl must also be inspected by the owner prior to occupancy. Tears, splits, cracks, or complete separation of caulking sills must be resealed or replaced immediately. The Builder does not make any claim for the responsibility for damage created by water seepage.

Water and Sewer Line Extensions

In the event that settling in the backfill of trenches causes sink holes, repairs will be covered by the Builder for the first year.


Windows are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which includes one year against breaking the thermal seal between the panes of glass. A broken thermal seal is evidenced by moisture between the panes of glass. Occasionally, an implosion of tempered units will occur. This is also covered for the first year.

Wood Doors

Wood doors will have no coverage under the Home Care Program at all because all wood products are susceptible to the weather and cannot be controlled.

Well, Pumps and Septic Systems

Well, Pumps and Septic Systems must be handled directly with the installer, which contact information can be obtained from Wolverton Homes.

Any alterations or attempts to self-repair damages will VOID the Builder’s Home Care Program.

In addition, any labor or materials that were done at the request of the homeowner will not be included under the Home Care Program if they are not on our preferred contractor/vendor list. Additionally, any Clearance or Close Out items the homeowner supplied will not be covered by the Builder’s Home Care Program. If there are any additional questions regarding the Home Care Program, please contact our office directly:

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